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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  March 20, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> really, really, really, really, really, really, really excited. >> it is round two of tournament time. fans of a pair of school in the philadelphia area are fired up for today's ncaa matchup. we'll have a preview. plus another skirmish on the campaign trail at a donald trump rally in arizona. backlash from trump candidacy reaching his family including a relative with a philadelphia connection. and it is a cold start to spring as we take a live look at the center city skyline. 37 degrees right now at nbc 10. it will feel like winter for a few days. a little snow in the forecast
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for some spots later on tonight. good morning, everyone. welcome to "nbc 10 news today" i'm ted greenberg. thanks so much for being cuss. it is 5:30 sunday morning. yes, it is the first day of spring but still feels a lot like winter. let's get the first check of the forecast from meteorologist sheena parveen. good morning, sheena. a cold start to the day. feels like winter. tonight we have snow in the forecast. not for everybody but for some it will look like winter and overnight while you're sleeping. today, the first day of winter, here is a look outside, nice clear conditions. visibility looking good. what we are watching way down to the south for later on today. we have all this moisture down around the southeastern part of the country, along the east coast, offshore, eventually giving us precip. meantime temperatures in the 30s. cold start to the morning. 38 in philadelphia, 33
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allentown. take a look at future weather. as we do through the day, cloudy skies, rain organizing a little in south jersey and delaware by this evening. this morning in new jersey, delaware 38 by noon upper 30s but 4:00 p.m. 40s, see showers by then. philadelphia cloudy today with highs only topping out around the low 40s. north and west you will stay dry in the lehigh valley in the afternoon. high temperature there around 43 degrees. we'll talk more about that snow chance later tonight coming up. >> sheen ark, thank you for continuing coverage on the changing weather situation. download nbc 10 app. there you'll find the forecast plus first alert weather radar. it is a free download. 5:32, new from overnight, one person in the hospital because of this fire in chester delaware county 6789 firefighters called to a house on concord avenue, 5th street. they found heavy fire and smoke on the third floor.
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it are spread to two more buildings before being put under control. we're working tloern the condition of the victim in the house. a firefighter was hit by a wire but did not have to go to the hospital. it's tournament time round two. today both villanova and st. joe's hitting hardwood at ncaa tournament. pamela osborne live on the campus with more on the fan excitement surrounding today's game. good morning, pamela. >> reporter: good morning, ted. it's quiet on campus, the hawks don't play until later today. there's another game people may be interested in seeing. i'm talking about villanova. we've seen the community rally behind the men's basketball team there and here at st. joe's as well. their matchup at 12:10. overnight we caught up with students headed to tonight's
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game. one went to the big east, is back in town. get this, ted. she's taking a train and then a bus just to watch the game in person. they believe nova has what it takes to beat this team but hefty predictions. reporting live this morning, i'm pamela osborne for nbc 10 news. . >> 5:34, in decision 2016, more chaos with donald trump rallies. a cell phone video shows punching and kicking a protester. backlash from donald trump candidacy is also reaching his family. the fbi is now investigating a death threat to trump's sister who is a federal judge in philadelphia. sources tell near, judge barry
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received a threatening letter, she serves on the third court of appeal. she got the letter a day after donald trump's son received an envelope with white powder which turned out to be harmless. trump's controversial statements are fueling anger and vile en. gop analysts telling us it's likely a calculated move to win support. >> this probably will help donald trump instead of hurt him. don't be surprised if you see the same charged rhetoric and protests and lots of notices. >> observers say tuesday arizona's primary and utah caucus will be a big test to see if voters are turned off by what's been happening at those trump rallies. meanwhile john kasich says under no circumstances would he consider becoming a vice presidential candidate if he does not win the gop nomination. the ohio governor made those remarks in an interview for nbc "meet the press" to air later this morning. kasich remains a long shot to win the republican presidential
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nomination. meantime democratic white house candidate bernie sanders is vowing to give 11 million undocumented imigrants a pass to citizenship. he repeated it yesterday a few yards from the u.s./mexico border. sanders trails clinton 2-1 in the delegate count towards their party's nomination. next presidential contest set for tuesday. candidates from both parties will look to pick up delegates in the arizona primary and utah caucuses. the democrats will also caucus in idaho. later this morning on nbc's "meet the press," an exclusive senate leader harry reid and mitch mcconnell will discuss president obama's supreme court nominee merrick garland. that's this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. christians around the world and here at home are marking palm sunday this morning. services will be held at cathedral basilica in center
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city starting at 8:00 a.m. the holiday mark the day jesus christ went into jerusalem on a donkey as crowds put palm branches in his path. there are services at churches all over the area as well including the lutheran church of our savior in haddonfield camden county. the highlight of the service will be children waving palms during the processional. eno one tabernacle will homeland palm services at 10:00 this morning and mother bethel has services in society hill at 9:30 a.m. history is recreated in jerusalem this morning with processions of the faithful. palm sunday brings hundreds to the holy land each year. a traditional mass was held at the church of the holy sepulchre. this the start of holy week for christians leading up to he's ter when the crucifixion of christ is commemorated. today president obama will embark on a new era in u.s./cuba
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relations. we'll rundown the agenda for this historic visit. plus while mark zuckerberg met with a chinese official and what that could mean for facebook.
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well, good sunday morning. it is a cold start to the day. today actually is the physical day of spring. it's going to feel more like winter this afternoon and feels like winter right now. we're in the 30s across the area. here is a live look at cape may. the roads are a little wet. we do have a little light rain through parts of cape may county, suffolk county, 38 degrees, 37 wilmington, 35 trenton this morning, 36 washington township. lehigh valley has some freezing temperatures. quakertown 32 degrees, close to freezing in allentown, 33, 36 in
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coatesville. closer to the shore, 36 in dover, 36 in newark, 37 millville. doesn't folly like spring and won't look like spring either. here is future weather. as we go through the morning, looks fine, looks dry kpep extreme delaware by noon dealing with rain. temperatures around 40 degrees. look at 8:00 p.m. tonight, we start to see snow developing for new jersey and delaware. that is doing to continue overnight tonight. that area is going to get more widespread. i'll show you the rest of the timing on that coming up. all right, sheena, thank you. probably need your winter coat for this one. today starting at noon you can get a free rita's italian ice just because it's the first day of spring. all the companies stores nationwide are participating in the giveaway. this the 24th year for the promotion. rita's expects more than 1 million people will enjoy a free treat to celebrate the arrival of spring. today st. balance drinlg
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association wi-- money will go cancer research. fire in an apartment in delaware. coming up, you'll hear from the good samaritan who made sure everyone got out okay.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. welcome back. 37 degrees on your sunday morning at 5:44. thanks so much for being with us as we take a live look at turbines across the ling. in some spots a little snow tonight. sheena back with the full forecast in just a couple minutes. police in newcastle county trying to figure out how a 20-year-old fell off a roof.
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the man from massachusetts died after yesterday's accident in newark. it happened on west main street yesterday afternoon near the university of delaware campus. however, authorities tell us he is not a student at the university. also in newcastle county, a good samaritan is being credited with saving lives at a claymont apartment complex after a fire raced through almost two dozen units. that fire started in a third floor unit at the edge at greentree apartments. it didn't take long until it spread to an adjoining building. witnesses say smoke could be seen from far away. some followed the smoke to see how they could help. >> everybody saying fire, fire, smoke, everybody get out. several tenants in there not really concerned about it but i told them everybody get out, there's fire everywhere. >> 22 units were burned along with at least $800,000 in fire damage. today president obama will open a new era in u.s./cuban
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relations traveling to havana. mr. obama will be the first president to visit the island since calvin coolage. it stems from announcement of renormalized relations between u.s. and cuba. president obama and first family will spend 2.5 days in cuba. the president will attend a state dinner hosted by fidel castro. president obama will also deliver a speech to the cuban people, meet with dissidents and take in a baseball game between tay rays and cuban national team. lester holt will report and anchor "nbc nightly news" from havana at 6:30 tonight and tomorrow night. that's right here on nbc 10. a rare meeting between the founder of facebook and china's propaganda chief. facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg met with the chinese official in banking. this is all part of an effort for facebook to share its experience with chinese companies and help them develop a more beneficial internet.
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china has also called for a global internet governing system to regulate online use. critics say that could violate freedom of expression. right now facebook, twitter and other western social media sites are banned in china. apple unveiling new gadgets and a look into oil and corruption in brazil. that's all ahead in business this week. cnbc's michelle caruso-cabrera has more. >> reporter: the company finally releasing results for last year which could put hard numbers on the cost in both dollars and also jobs lost. back here in the u.s., apple is expected to announce a new smaller iphone as well as an updated ipad. apple may also comment on its ongoing encryption battle with the fbi or it may wait until tuesday when a court hearing is scheduled to debate whether apple should crack the phone. one of the shooters in the san bernardino terrorist attack. car buffs can look forward to
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wednesday when the new york auto show gets under way. you can tune into cnbc for interviews with top executives and cars from ford, nissan, porsche and more. finally a short week for markets, they will be closed in honor of good friday. i'm michelle caruso-cabrera. get all your news on cnbc. first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good morning. we have some cold temperatures to start the first day of spring because today is officially the first day of spring. spring has sprung but it doesn't feel like it. feels like winter. later on tonight, looks like winter for some of you. still watching rain and snow in the forecast tonight. it will be late tonight, mostly overnight tonight. not everyone is going to see it. mostly thawing while most are sleeping, especially new jersey and delaware. 35 pottstown, upper 30s in philadelphia, 37 millville,
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atlantic city 38 degrees right now in dover. as we go through the day today, we'll stay mostly dry, in the philadelphia area. 10:00 a.m., 42 degrees, by noon low 30s. later in the afternoon we'll see precip in south jersey and delaware. currently very light rain, maybe parts of cape may and beaches in suffolk county. dry cloud cover. the real area we're watching off the southeast coast. either not organized but later on tonight it will get a little better organized but will stay offshore from us but will be bringing us some moisture. so as we go through the day here, take a look, 9:00 in the morning, mostly dry. cape may and suffolk county, light rain. by 4:00 this afternoon, some light showers in south jersey and delaware but the rest of us really do stay dry just cold. look what happens by 8:00 to 10:00 tonight. we should start to see some snow forming in south jersey and delaware.
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it's not going to be very heavy but i think it will be cold enough for snow. by 1:00, looks a little more impressive. we're going to be on the edge of this thing. for the philadelphia area, we're going to have to watch that. could be a close call but see snow falling. 4:00 in the morning, storm system starts to move away. south jersey and delaware, especially close to the shore, still seeing snow showers. by 6:00 this morning, if that's when your driving, best chance for snow to be lingering would be in the shore in new jersey and beaches in delaware. by 9:00 start to see a lot of this coming to an end. so snow totals not impressive. if we see anything at all accumulating, mostly on the grass, around an inch or so, that's mostly in new jersey and delaware but we can't rule out slick spots on the roads either, so be careful if you're driving tonight and early tomorrow morning in those areas. today mostly cloudy and cold feeling like winter. later tonight we'll see that rain change over to snow, mostly in new jersey and delaware. temperatures anywhere from 40 to 43 for the afternoon today but
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then tonight we're going to drop back down to around freezing and that is why we still expect snow to be in the forecast tonight. coming up i'll show you that seven-day forecast. we'll take a closer look at the timing of that snow straight ahead. >> sheena, thank you. it's mother nature at its very best and you can watch it all unfold live. take a look, a baby eagle could be born at any second. it would be the second eagle born in washington, d.c., this week. the eagle mom and dad are nestled high in a tulip poplar tree at arboretum. the second baby has started to crack its shell. it can take hours or days to finish. yesterday mom and dad brought fish for their young one to eat. a live look, american eagle foundation runs this nest camera. last summer the same eagle parents, nicknamed mr. president and the first lady raised one eaglet. 5:51 right now. a tough day for the flyers as
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they lost ground in the playoff race. today is a big day for villanova and st. joe's. we'll get you ready for tournament time action next in sports.
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danny pommels from comcast sports net. villanova looking for a case of deja vu in the big dance. >> reporter: this is the moment villanova seniors have been waiting for. this is their last chance to get to the sweet 16. they have been sent home early the last two years and they have heard all the questions about that. it is time for them to answer. >> everyone has the right to ask, they can do that it's definitely something we would not want to answer, rather not answer, until we get past this round. >> we feel this could be our
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last game. we could be playing our last game in a villanova jersey. the tension has just risen. >> we all want to get over that hump but it's not doing to be easy. we have a great opponent in iowa. so you know, i think if we are able to, the biggest relief would be to not answer the questions anymore. >> basketball for 40 minutes, if that's good enough for us to win, we'll accept that. if not, there's no failure in that. we'll do out with pride knowing that we went out our way. >> we've done this before. what's the worst outcome, we've lost. it didn't kill us. let's go have fun preparing for it and give it everything we've got and enjoy playing in the game. >> never have a problem having fun. they are loose. >> a nice moment with jay wright and iowa coach mccaffrey who was a philly guy and played at penn.
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villanova will have to go through iowa to reach their first sweet 16 in seven years. at the barclays center in brooklyn, i'm john clark. last minute win takes on top seeded oregon in washington. they are looking forward to answering this duck call. >> i think it's really exciting playing on the team, multiple times getting out and playing a team you never played before, it kind of shows where we line up. like a test for us. i think we've already passed that test. saturday was rough day for flyers lost ground to red wings for final wild card spot, three back. against penguins after missing last nine games with lower body injury. that's all that went right with the flyers. he was supposed to start in that. participated but didn't play. he, quote, wasn't feeling right.
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chris was feeling right. second series, goes live but somehow ends up the back of the net. off the board, off the skate and in. take however you can get them. that kind of afternoon for the flyers they fall 4-1. that is your look at sports. i'm danny onpom else from comcast sports net. fans miss behaving and not just what happened at nbc sports net. ugly comments hurled at local high school games. >> i've covered a lot of high school sports. you know, you hear all kinds of things. but this one in particular was particularly unnerve to me because of what was said, because of how it was said. >> that plus a temple professor shared his insight and experience working with a man who could be the next u.s. supreme court judge. that's coming up at 11:30 right after "meet the press" on nbc 10. 5:57 right now. either tournament time, round two for a pair of philadelphia area schools. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live
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on hawk hill following the excitement. pamela. >> absolutely. we're looking forward to those two big match-ups today for march madness. first villanova then the hawks. talking about their prediction coming up. feels like winter rather than the first day of spring. i'll tell you how cold this afternoon. plus we do have a chance of snow in the forecast. i'll tell you the timing on that and when you can expect it. that's all coming up.
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donald trump is associating himself with violence, extremist people. >> enthusiastic this morning we're hearing from a protester who said he was punched and kicked during a skirmish at a donald trump rally in arizona last night. fans are fired up for today's two tournament time match-ups involving philadelphia area schools. a big day for both villanova and st. joe's and we've got a preview. we've got a live look outside right now where it feels more like winter on this first day of spring. 37 degrees at nbc 10. depending where you live, you might see a little snow later tonight. the timing coming up in the first alert forecast. good morning, everybody. welcome to nbc 10 ne


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